Having A Conversation With The Computer

So….I haven’t been updating on here cause my drawings suck right now, and I can’t think of what to write, so I wrote something, and decided to put it on here. Cause really, I’ve always had a fasination with being able to talk to inanimate objects, and having some kind of conversation.

Home Computer: ”Ivie, you haven’t moved in twenty minutes. What are you doing?”

Ivie: “I’m thinking of what to post on Tumblr.”

H.C.: “How about those sketches you’ve done of your characters?”

Ivie: “Nah. They’re just not ready. I need more practice.”

H.C.: “Well then, how about some poems?”

Ivie: “I haven’t written any lately.”

H.C.: “Older ones?”

Ivie: “Oh, yeah. I can do that!”

H.C.: “Why haven’t you?”

Ivie: “I’d have to go upstairs, and you know my brother…he’ll come over and go onto his setting and I won’t be back on here until Lord knows when.”

H.C.: “True. What shall you do?” 

Ivie: “I could put our conversation on there!”

H.C.: “Really? You spent twenty minutes blankly hunched over a keyboard to write out some conversation you had? You arew odd.”

Ivie: “I’ll pretend that’s a compliment.”

And now here I am, typing away. I really need to figure out what I will do on here, otherwise there’ll be a lot of conversations with my home comutper (or other objects!) on here. Yikes. I feel like I sound like I have no life! 

Oh Boo Hiss

So I realized, my posting for NaPoWriMo hasn’t been happening. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t doing it, I just wasn’t posting it.

Anyway, I’ve made a pact on Wordpress, to make my internet prescence more known starting from right now, because it you don’t, then no one will know you exist. The internet is just like the real world. It’s cruel, ruthless, and has shady people with shady places among all the nice and pleasant things we see. And as much as I want to avoid the shady people and going into the shady places, I will surely try my best to be more…here on the internet. Just not Facebook. That’s a few neighborhoods away from the questionable ones.

Anyway….here’s to being faithful the the internet life.

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NaPoWriMo #4


Another night
awake in bed
fiercely watching
the clock in dread.

The night terrors
pollute my mind
full of monsters
there in the dark.

I feel it near
breathing so close
whispering pain
all in my ear.

I try to stay
not even breathe
just close my eyes
and think good things.

But I hear it!
talking to me
so quietly
no one else hears.

I run away
and lock the door
but then I see
it is just me.

NaPoWriMo # 3

~To A Child~

Close your eyes.
not to cry.
I’m right here
by your side
keeping you
safe from what
waits and hides.

I won’t go
and leave you
to fight it
all alone.
I’ll always
watch over
you on these
scary nights.

NaPoWriMo #2

Where have you been?
Why did you go?
I’ve fallen again
without your safe hand.

Make up your mind,
just stay or go.
I really miss you,
but I’ll never tell.

I don’t need you,
but do stop by.
Some visits are nice
when it gets lonely.

I wish I knew
just what to do.
You hurt me so bad,
and I still love you.

NaPoWriMo Poem 1

~Summer Night~

Wind brushes my face
with cool fingertips.
Stars wink down at me
beauty in the sky.
The night is alive
breathing with passion.
Everyone is out
to freely explore.
Out of the day’s heat
in the summer night.

Fight To The Death

There’s a puzzle I did a few years ago and I framed it, but now, I wanted to write a story for it. So here’s the picture with a very short story.


He prepared himself for the upcoming bloodbath as best he could. Prayed to his gods and sharpened his arrows. Hezron was the champion of his people. He saved them from many people before, and this man was no exception. He called for Reu, his dragon, his companion forever meant to be since he raised him as a hatchling. The big dragon’s green scales reflected the sunlight as it sank into the horizon.

"Come, Reu," Hezron said, jumping onto the creatures back with his bow and arrows, "it’s time we met our opponents."

Reu quickly flew into the sky, letting out an alarming shriek. The warrior could hear the people’s shouts from below. All positive. All hopeful that their beloved champion would once again return victorious. As they flew over the clouds, a roar came up from behind them. Reu turned and Hezron was face to face with his opponent.

His armor gleamed in the setting sun, his masked face not giving away anything.

"So, Hezron the Mighty," the armored warrior said tauntingly, "lets see who really is the strongest."

"Wait," Hezron said, standing firmly on Reu’s back, "it doesn’t have to be like this."

"What do you know?"

"Enough, Tarquin. Come back with me. We can defeat what controls you together, brother."

"No! You are not my brother!"

"We fought side by side in many battles, trained together, and explored the unknown lands together. Yes you are my brother."

"But don’t you see," Tarquin said, holding up his long spear, "The old ways are no more. This," his indicated to his armor with his free hand, "is what we need. These people are trying to help us. Stop this petty resistance."

"I’m sorry, but I must defend my people."

"Fine," Tarquin said, with some regret in his voice, "Decimus!"

The dragon roared again and sped toward Reu. The other dragon gave it’s call, and flew at full force to meet him. Hezron held up his bow and arrow as he saw Tarquin aim his spear. Was this the end for his once friend? Taking a breath, he released the arrow as the spear came speeding toward him.

Valentine’s Day Gives Me A Rash

But since it’s a well known holiday I’ve prepared a poem for you all.

Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Here are some things
I should tell you.

I don’t make beds.
I’m jobless too.
I turn evil
during a flu.

I keep old bread.
My room’s a zoo.
Some people think
I’ve got lose screws.

My pets all fled.
I’m hard to woo.
Most of my bills
are overdue.

I always shed.
I have no clue.
I have a thing
for liquid glue.

But don’t worry.
It’s all okay.
I’ll overlook
your quirks any day.

So I was attempting to sketch the apple. It wasn’t going so hot. I don’t have a fancy photo editor, so we have to live with my sketches looking a tad bit worse than they do on the physical paper. I guess it all went okay. At least I’m practicing…right?


Jamaica. Totally.